Bi-fold Windows

Whether you’re after wide opening spaces, unobstructed views, or a
stylish and functional servery window, Bradnam’s bi-fold windows have got you covered. Secure, versatile and chic, Bradnam’s bi-fold windows collection features all the bells and whistles you need – including some you probably haven’t thought of yet.



bi-fold windows for the mackay region

Enjoy the benefits of maximum opening space, ventilation and light with our Commercial bi-fold windows. Strong, secure & suitable for a range of contexts, these windows feature stainless steel hinges & a superior locking system. Great as a servery window or a standalone statement.

If you can’t find the perfect Bi-fold window for your home, let one of our experts help you out.

bi-fold windows Features and Benefits

+ Lifestyle & Comfort

• Ideal for indoor-outdoor entertainment in your home or business when installed as a servery window
• Maximises natural ventilation with wide openings to invite fresh air into your home
• Multiple stacking configurations allow you to choose windows that stack to one or both sides


• Architectural symmetry with other Bradnam’s windows and doors for effortless design integration


• Easy opening and smooth sliding thanks to precision engineered roller system
• Weather proofing for every climate with shrink-resistant Santoprene seals
• Thermal and acoustic insulation available with various glazing options including single and double glazing
• Robust 100mm frames ensure durability and superior strength

+ Premium Features

• Multi-point lever compression locks for enhanced security on access panels
• Stainless steel hinges allow for trouble-free operation