Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural light and air in any context in your home, including areas with limited opening spaces. Our double hung windows are a long-standing customer favourite. They are secure, easy to operate and available in a range of sizes and configurations.



Essential double hung windows

If opening space or pedestrian safety are a concern, you can’t look past our ‘Essential’ double hung windows. Available in large-size panels, our double hung windows have easily-adjustable top and bottom hung sashes, giving
you full control over their position at any time. Balancing ventilation-control with superior weather-proofing, they can be installed in a range of spaces and configurations.

signature double hung windows

Thanks to their stabilising roller and multi-spring balance system, our ‘Signature’ double hung windows are so easy to operate, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them as regular horizontal sliding windows! Available in a range of sizes, including wide and tall, they can fit a variety of different contexts and spaces. High-quality locks, frame colours to suit every home and optional insect or security screens. 

If you can’t find the perfect double hung window for your home, let one of our experts help you out.

double hung windows Features and Benefits

+ Lifestyle & Comfort

• Ventilation in restricted spaces thanks to vertical opening design
• Easily adjustable airflow can be directed through the top, bottom or both sashes
• Stylish high-quality hardware that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing
• Pedestrian-friendly design keeps your family safe with non-projecting sashes
• Keyed locks for enhanced security and peace of mind
• Security and insect screens for protection against bugs and human intruders are easily installed


• Aesthetic symmetry with other Bradnam’s products for seamless design integration


• Easy window movement thanks to carefully engineered spring balances
• Easy access window adjustment for quick correction of sash tension
• Year-round weatherproofing with high-quality window seals

Premium Features

+ Signature Only

• Smooth moving with unique stabilising roller system
• Easy to operate thanks to multi-spring balance system
• Thermal and acoustic insulation available with single and double glazing options
• Protection against the elements with superior Santoprene seals
• Superior strength with robust 100mm frames

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