Casement Windows

If you’re looking to invite fresh air into your home, you can’t look past casement windows. Strong, secure and stylish,
Bradnam’s casement windows are a long established favourite with a range of practical benefits.



Essential Casement WINDOWS

Welcome the fresh air into your home with our ‘Essential’ casement
windows. With an almost 90 degree opening angle they are great for ventilation.

Signature casement

Architectural, sturdy & classy, our these casement windows accentuate picturesque views with a ‘picture frame’ look created with improved mitre joints & narrow frame profiles.

signature casement LB

Premium ‘Signature LB’ casement windows are strong, secure & stylish. Best of all, optional security and insect screens can be installed to keep bugs and intruders out.

If you can’t find the perfect Casement window for your situation, let us help you out.

casement windows Features and Benefits

+ Lifestyle & Comfort

• Increased natural ventilation thanks to near 90-degree opening angle
• Safety-first design with no exposed sharp edges reducing the chance of injury
• Window opening restrictions – ideal for upper storey windows
• Keyed locks for enhanced security and peace of mind


• Accentuated picturesque views with ‘picture frame’ look created with improved mitre joints
• Architectural symmetry allows for design integration with other Bradnam’s products


• Easy operation thanks to stainless steel stays (supports)
• Year-round weather proofing facilitated by high quality window seals
• Various glazing options to suit your needs, including single and double glazing
• Internal glazing system – ideal for upper storey windows

Premium Features

+ Signature & Signature LB Only

• Superior strength thanks to robust 100mm frames
• Superior weather proofing thanks to Santoprene seals designed to protect against harsh Australian weather

+ Signature LB Only

• Stylish and functional hardware for aesthetics and ease of operation
• Curtain-friendly design protects your window furnishings thanks to folding handles
• Optional security and insect screens can be installed to keep bugs and intruders out without compromising access to the handle
• Effortless operation thanks to dual arm stainless steel stays (supports)
• Comprehensive security with unique lever and key operated multi-point locking system

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