Doors for Mackay's Homes and Climate

Showcasing the best of doors in Mackay.  Our extensive range of doors has something for every style and home, and we can custom make our products to suit any size and configuration to meet your requirements.

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Sliding Doors


Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type for access to decks and patios. They also score highly for delivering expansive views while remaining cost effective.

Our Vantage sliding doors offer security and strength with substantial profiles. Smooth, quiet sliding doors, achieved through high performance rollers.

A range of sliding door configurations are available, with two-panel sliders and three-panel stacking systems very popular. Other architectural options exist such as 90° corner sliders opening wide without a corner post.

Sliding Doors have the advantage of being able to be left partly open for ventilation without the danger of wind gusts slamming the door shut - perfect for life in Mackay!

Hinged Doors


Our hinged doors and French doors in aluminium and glass are ideal in any situation, from front doors to utility doors. They can be supplied in standard configurations or follow a more developed design approach.

The hinged and french door stiles and rails are substantial and strong, and come with many upgrade options - decorative glazing bars, choice of attractive hardware, highlights, sidelights and adjacent windows in a range of configurations.

Bottom rails for our hinged doors and french are available in standard size to match the rest of the door, or can be made deeper with the addition of a rail extender that gives a more traditional appearance.

Weathering is achieved through a sill drainage system and backing seal design.

Bi fold doors


Smooth reliable operation and superb design are the hallmarks of the Vantage bi fold door system.

Vantage bi-folds have a reliable bottom mounted roller system for smooth, reliable performance. Our heavy duty quad rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support this ensures heavy panels operate easily. Our bi fold doors are available to a maximum panel height of 2.6 metres. Alternatively, three metre panel heights can be achieved through the utilisation of AWS Commercial bi fold products.

Where you have an uneven number of panels, it is a good idea is to include a hinged door in a bi fold door set, this allows convenient exit or entry without opening up the bi-fold.

Within a bi fold panel you can insert the stylish ClearVENT™ sashless double hung window section that allows superb non protruding ventilation and flyscreening.

Mackay doors

High Performance DOORS

MAGNUM sliding and stacking doors are the natural choice where wide opening sliding doors are required. They open to two thirds of their width compared to a standard sliding door which opens to half its width. The MAGNUM sliding door has three panels, two of which slide in the same direction and stack behind a third fixed panel. 

Another configuration is to have six panels, providing expansive opening with two panels moving towards one jamb and two towards the other.

The MAGNUM sliding door is, like all Vantage products, 'custom made'. This means that you do not have to design your home to suit standard door sizes and colours as Vantage fabricators custom make products to suit your project. This delivers outstanding flexibility in design.

french doors entry doors

French Doors and Entry Doors

Our Entry Doors are designed as a replacement for the traditional 135mm x 38mm timber entry door framing. 

Self draining sill option on internal opening doors. Alternatively for those exposed locations we recommend the external swing splayed sill. Both internal and external swing doors fitted with sill section have been tested to Australian Standard AS2047 and will resist 200Pa water.

The aluminium entry door features extra wide top and bottom rails that give the door the chunky appearance of traditional timber designs.  Rebated door stiles give a flush appearance when the two doors meet and provide superior weather protection and elimate unsightly applied rebates.

Throwing the lock tongue into timber framing has always been a security weakness. Series 549 aluminium frame will significantly improve this locking point.  Doors can be supplied with a lever lock installed in the door stile or with a tulip knob lock placed in a door chair rail.

stacker sliding doors

Stacker Sliding Doors

High water resistance of 300Pa allows these stacking doors to be installed into most residential projects.

The accompanying optional stacking multi-panel external flydoor system is snapped to the main frame. This applied flydoor system may not be required on high rise apartments.

Flat external fillers creates a clean closed-off frame appearance. On the sill, the infills guide water away from the door panels and improve water resistance.

Unused internal and external frame recesses are closed with snap-in flat fillers for improved appearance.

Heavy stacking door panels can be fitted with double bogey wheels for smooth long-term operation. Running rails can be replaced in the future if necessary.

Door Handles and Hardware

Our hardware options include the sleek MIRO range of matching hardware or standard window and door handles. Don't forget that custom colouring your hardware to the joinery always gives an attractive result. The unique ANDO™ range is available for maximum durability and a clean, modern look.

door handle mackay


Having an operator handle located centrally on a bi-fold door removes the need to bend down or stretch to reach flush bolts that might be located at the top and bottom of the stiles.

The ANDO™ handle is clean and smooth with no visible fasteners when is in the closed position.

Available in a large range of powder coat finishes to match the door panel colour.

twin sliding door lock

twin sliding door lock

This powerful square form handle surface mounts to the door.

The handle incorporates a twin actuated locking mechanism with dual 316-grade stainless steel locking tongues. Twin point locking.  Heavy duty stainless steel tongues.  Can be colour matched.

Stainless steel handle option available.

sliding door handle

Sliding door pull handle

This elegant D-Pull handle is designed to offer a sleek, contemporary alternative to surface mounted sliding door locks.

Designed to be used in conjuction with a Mortice lock to deliver a secure, functional and elegant solution.

Natural or powdercoat finish to match your doors.

bi fold operator

Bi Fold Operator

This swivel bi-fold operator throws locking bolts into the frame at top and bottom of the panel. Optional key-locking is available.

Having an operator handle located centrally on say a bi-fold door removes the need to bend down or stretch to reach flush bolts that might be located at the ends of the stiles.

The ICON™ handle is rectangular and crisp with no visible fasteners when handle is in the closed position.

hinged door lock

Hinged Door Lock

A clean, compact lever handle with four point locking as standard.

The grip has a gently radiused front face and a curved back for a comfortable hand hold.

Used in conjunction with lever compression locking, a lifting movement of the handle activates locking rods at the top and bottom of the door.

sliding door handles mackay

Sliding door handle

This powerful square-form handle offers a firm, comfortable grip and is ideal for larger sliding panels.

It is fixed to the door on both the interior and exterior.

A mortice lock with hook bolt is fixed separately and is activated by key or interior turn knob in a rectangular base plate.

swivel bi fold handle

Bi Fold Operator

This swivel bi-fold operator throws locking bolts into the frame at top and bottom of the panel. Optional key-locking (separately installed) is available.

Having an operator handle located centrally on say a bi-fold door removes the need to bend down or stretch to reach flush bolts that might be located at the ends of the stiles.

The MIRO™ handle is curved with no visible fasteners when handle is in closed position.


sliding door pull handl

Sliding Door Pull Handle

The MIRO™ sliding door ‘D’ handle is ideal for residential sliding door applications. This handle is typically used in conjunction with a separate key lock or a snib latch in high traffic areas.

The lock is separate from the handle and is operated by key or snib.

MIRO™ furniture is powder coated in a large range of colours to match the door.

sliding door lock

Sliding Door lock

Gentle curves and ergnomic design, this single point sliding door lock is ideal for residential applications.

Single point locking.

Colour matched options.

External pull handle manufactured from stainless steel to deliver excellent corrosion resistance.